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Amleto Dallapé 去世,1942年 - 2020年 - 意大利

Amleto Dallapé11月17日,在距离米兰咫尺之遥的朗巴德小镇斯特拉德拉,一位国际手风琴界最著名的人物去世了。 Amleto Dallape 没能够战胜潜伏在我们身边的的“野兽” - 新冠病毒。


他于1969年毕业于 Pavia 大学,论文的主题是生产手风琴的经济意义。他还与 Mariano 和 Fabio 兄弟一道,负责管理该领域最古老,最负盛名的公司之一,Mariano Dallapé and sons.

新生产的“organtone”和“super Maestro”乐器受到了来自该领域中文化程度最高的环境的推崇,表明了其在与纯流行乐器完全不同的领域有了新的地位。对东欧国家,特别是巴尔干地区市场的占领,给来自斯特拉德拉的公司带来了许多声望。

The friendships that Amleto managed to establish in those countries led to an opening of the Russian accordion culture in Italy. Yuri Kazakov, one of great Soviet bayanists, upon invitation from Amleto with the collaboration of the then Mayor of Castelfidardo Mario Orlandoni, began a tour in Italy from Stradella that made us appreciate in our environment the high level that blossomed in the Gnessin school and other Russian conservatories.

Another undisputed merit of Amleto was that of having contributed to breaking the spirit of atavistic rivalry between the cities of Castelfidardo and Stradella on the authorship of the "invention" of the instrument. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to promote a serious collaboration between the two production companies / cities in the sector.

在卡斯特尔菲达多 (Castelfidardo) 国际博物馆开幕之际,他与卡斯特尔菲达多 (Castelfidardo) 的友谊得到了加强。 这些乐器来自达拉佩,我本人, Vincenzo CanaliGervasio Marcosignori 将它们带到了著名的电视台 Rai节目 Portobello,达拉佩邀请意大利老古董乐器的拥有者为博物馆开幕捐款(另外还有十多件乐器由达拉佩捐赠) )。

There was a fixed date for Amleto’s encounter with the musical world. The international fair in Frankfurt - from 1972 to 2019 “we didn't miss one”. Pre-fair visits to German art cities, meetings, theaters, concerts, walks along the Main, great convivial meetings ... unforgettable moments of true and sincere friendship.

He was also a convinced admirer of the Marche. I don't remember when, but there wasn't a year that Amleto and his splendid family didn't spend a few days in our region where they could appreciate our artistic beauties and taste our cuisine then let everybody know about it.

我们会想念您的,亲爱的 Amleto!

Beniamino Bugiolacchi

Amleto Dallapé and Beniamino Bugiolacchi
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