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CD "Accordion for Beethoven (贝多芬手风琴)" 开始发行 - 意大利

Patrizia Angeloni
CD cover Accordion for Beethoven贝多芬手风琴是由 Patrizia Angeloni (上图,音乐会演奏家,意大利拉蒂纳音乐学院“O. Respighi”手风琴教授)领头的一个项目,包括限量版CD、数字音频和乐谱集。《贝多芬手风琴》由意大利音乐出版社 (Ars Spoletium Music Publishing) 出版,由意大利音乐杂志《Strumenti&Musica》、意大利新音乐教学中心(Nuovo C.D.M.I.)和意大利手风琴文化(IAC)赞助。

Patrizia Angeloni writes:
"Just two years had passed since the death of Ludwig van Beethoven, when in Vienna Cyrill Demian registered in 1829 the patent of his Akkordeon, an instrument that matured over time, to configure the modern concert accordion.

Almost two centuries later, the accordion offers Beethoven, on the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of his birth, the originality and the sound plasticity of a polyphonic instrument, with its continous sound and its immediate dynamic variability, an instrument synthesis of the expressive modes of keyboards, wind and string instruments.

The Accordion for Beethoven collection integrates a transcription repertoire in which the original work is placed in a new reading, sometimes in rewriting operations in which the accordion expresses itself more in its nature as an instrumental ensemble than in that of the modern portable organ, in the sign of the attention to instrumental music and orchestration care of which the Beethoven opera is steeped."

Accordion for Beethoven Collection contains:
Fünf Stücke für Flötenuhr (2 acc.) transcription by Umberto Turchi
Preludio (2 acc.) transcription by Ivano Paterno
Sei Variazioni su "Nel cor più non mi sento" (solo acc.) transcription by Ivano Battiston
Ich liebe dich (fl. Acc) transcription by Ivano Battiston
Variazioni su Schöne Minka (fl. Acc.) transcription by Ivano Battiston
Adelaïde (soprano, acc) transcription by Ivano Battiston
Piccoli pezzi (solo acc.) transcription by Ivano Battiston

Performers include:
Patrizia Angeloni, Ivano Battiston, Ivano Paterno, Umberto Turchi, Roberto Fabbriciani (flute), Liana Maeran (soprano).
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