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Video: 2019 Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category, Round I - China

2019 Coupe Mondiale header
Video 1. 1st Gustavo Aliandre De Almeida (Brazil)

Video 2. 2nd Artem Tretiakov (Russia)

Video 3. 3rd Alexander Matveychuk (Russia)

Gustavo Aliandre De Almeida (Brazil)The Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category is in two rounds. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd placegetters Round I videos are above. The Round II videos will be in next weeks news.
Enjoy the videos of the winners.

Video 1. Virtuoso Entertainment Round I, 1st place, Gustavo Aliandre De Almeida (Brazil),
Program Round I:
A. Spaccarotella Tango Revenge
E. Gismonti/ Arr A. Spaccarotella Frevo
E. Bouvelle/ Arr A. Spaccarotella Sur Un Que De Migliavacca

Video 2. Virtuoso Entertainment Round I, 2nd place, Artem Tretiakov (Russia)
Program Round I:
R. Ruggieri Carnivale
J. Strachey These Foolish Things
V. Vlasov Basso Ostinato

Video 3. Virtuoso Entertainment Round I, 3rd place, Alexander Matveychuk (Russia)
Program Round I:
F.Waller - C.Bolling Honeysuckle Rose
P.Makkonen When It's Lamp-Lightning Time In The Valley
H.Creamer - L.Fancelli After You've Gone

Video Archive Education Project sponsored by Scandalli and Accordions Worldwide.
The videos of all 2019 Coupe Mondiale performers is online at:
Video Archive Education Project sponsored by Scandalli
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