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Guido Robert Deiro 伯爵逝世(1938 - 2019) - 美国

Guido Deiro Snr. and Jnr.
Video and musical tribute by Cory Pesaturo, Ave Maria by Franz Schubert

Count Guido Robert Deiro视频和音乐由 Cory Pesaturo 献上,Ave Maria 由 Franz Schubert 敬上。Cory 正在演奏 Guido Snr 具有历史意义的最后一个 Vaudeville 手风琴。 他曾在1936年至1940年左右演奏过。这也是他曾演奏过的唯一一个有自己名字的手风琴,Guido Jr.称。

2019年9月12日,Guido Robert Deiro 伯爵在拉斯维加斯一家医院去世。 他于1938年2月18日出生,享年81岁。他的妻子Joan、他的孩子和孙子都还在世。不会举办守灵葬礼或生命庆典。

Eulogy by Cory Pesaturo

- A Military Test Pilot (one of the most dangerous jobs in the world)
- Awarded for his Meteorite findings
- One of the first auctioneers of hotels in the country and First in Nevada
- An Official Count, & Grand Chancellor of the ancient chivalry Order of St. John
- One of the first Plane Racers
- Massively involved in world charity donations
- Was Knighted
- An FOC rated Fencing Referee and is credentialed by the Academie d’Armes Internationale and US Fencing Coaches Association and former Chaiman of the Nevada Division of the US Fencing Association
- Created a fake airline with the CIA during the Cold War to help with efforts in Africa and flew many secret missions there and was involved in gun fights
- Auctioneer of collectable coins
- Was friends with the early Jewish Mafia of Las Vegas
- Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
- On the board of the Nevada Museum of Art for his work to help artists
- A racecar driver and owner of many high performance race cars
- A boat captain
- Brought Pavorotti to Las Vegas for the first time
- A member of the Quiet Birdman
- One of the pioneers of Earth Art
- Operated one of the first gyms in Las Vegas
- An author
- Was a Boss on the Casino Floor for card games
- An actor in various movies and was on the Board of Directors of the International Film Festival CineVegas, and was a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild
- Howard Hughes’ personal pilot
and last of all,
- Spent 10 years organizing and cataloguing his fathers music, pictures, items, and data, along with writing the book “Mae West and the Count” which came out only a few months ago.

This was the life of 1 single man who became one of my dearest friends in my entire life, and my favorite fan; Count Guido Robert Deiro. We so sadly lost him this week.

And trust me; there is more. There are also many more “First in Las Vegas” and “First in Nevada” records I’m missing. It is simply too much to remember.

All of it sounds impossible and simply not-believable. But the son of the "Father of the Piano Accordion" had everything documented to go along with a gargantuan amount of evidence for everything he said, from a Cuban Sargent’s medal given to him by one of his Nigerian Soldier’s during his secret trips to Africa, to his Ferrari Club of Nevada badge, to the actual meteorite he found, to his mountain of certificates from every field of the world, to pictures with Howard Hughes and parties he was invited to which included the likes of William Randolph Hearst, to videos of him in his prototype race car.

As someone that spent so many hours with him on the phone, and was at his house 4 times for 10 days scoring through piles of objects, I can tell you; It was all there. It was all true.

His incredible memory of pilot friends who died in the 50’s to who ran what organization that he dealt with in the 70’s or what secretary of a politician he had to smooth over to get a deal done in the 90’s was savant-like. He was, and may still be in 2019, the "Most Interesting Man in the World".

This week, we have lost one of the great Renascence Men of the 20th century, and our closest connection to Piano Accordion History in North America. The man who started it all.


Cory Pesaturo
Book by Count Guido Robert Deiro
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