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2021年全国手风琴大会报名申请现已开放 – 美国

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NAA 2021第34届2021年年度全国手风琴大会( National Accordion Convention )将于2021年3月17日至20日在德克萨斯州理查森的凯悦酒店举行,现已开放报名。


Social distancing and masks may be required and all government generated COVID-19 requirements will be adhered to. Thanks to Markus and Sabine Baggio, there will be multiple options available that range from a full-convention down to online only (virtual).

2021 Convention Presenters and Workshops as follows:
* Private Lesson with the Professionals: 50 minute private session for $50
* Tutto a Dio - Improvisation, Playing Techniques
* Tris Gour - Lead Sheets 1 and 2: Accompany Techniques
* Sam Falcetti: Left-hand styles and Patterns; MP3 Files; Two for One
* Bob Donovan: Configure and Program the FR4x and/or the FR8x
* Gary Dahl: Gary Dahl, Tris Gour, and Dennis O'Toole: Publishers of the 2020 NAA Music Book
* Arlyn Visentin: 15 Minutes of Fame; NAA Photo Booth
* Walk In Clinic: Roland Technology Accordions
* Sharon Seaton - Circle of Excellence; World of Accordions - Panel of Experts
* Cory Pesaturo - Italian/French; Tango/Brazilian; Klezmer and Balkan
* Richard Noel: From Acoustic to Digital; Prepare for all Occasions
* Mike Middleton - Enhance your Acoustic Accordion
* Randy McPeck: Accordion Bellows
* Ginny Mac: Accordions and Western Swing
* Matthais Matzke: Read Music vs. Understanding Music; Transcribe Pop Tunes to "Cool Accordion Tunes"
* Shelia Lee: NAA Dance Band; Work Session Link - Convert Piano Music into Accordion Music
* Gordon Kohl: Austria Music; Dance Favorites
* Ian Fries: Proxima Digital Accordion, Stradella Bass Jazz Chords, Accordionist's hand.
* Eli Davidsohn: Making Parties Fun
* Gail Campanella: It is not about you!
* Gary Blair: Scottish and Irish Music
* Dick Albreski: Biographical Information
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