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Mary 与 Frank Tokarski 音乐艺术基金会 - 美国

Logo Mary & Frank Tokarski Musical Arts Fund
Mary Tokarski 于2018年创立。

2018年, Mary Tokarski 成立了玛丽和弗兰克·托卡尔斯基音乐艺术基金( Mary & Frank Tokarski Musical Arts Fund ),该基金由大纽黑文社区基金会( Community Foundation for Greater New Haven )管理,这样年轻人就可以“体验到创作音乐的丰富和快乐。”

该基金以她丈夫的名字命名,以纪念他对 Mary Tokarski 音乐生涯的无尽支持。

Beginning in July of 2021, the Fund will begin presenting one or more Scholarships and Grants to young musicians (up to the age of 26) seeking educational advancement and/or to improve their musical skills on the accordion through extra-curricular programs and events, and require financial help to do so.

North Haven High School students, American Accordionists’ Association (AAA) festival participants and students of AAA members can apply.

The deadline for applications is May 15th, 2021, and one (or more) awards of varying amounts will be announced at the July AAA Festival event – whether in person or virtual.

The Mary & Frank Tokarski Musical Arts Fund will award scholarships based on financial need and academic achievement to young musicians who are currently enrolled or have applied for admission to a degree program of an accredited college or university, with the required curriculum leading to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in music, preferably with the accordion as a major instrument.

Special consideration will be given to those who plan to use the accordion as an integral part of their career plans.

Application forms and all required paperwork should be posted or emailed to:
The Mary & Frank Tokarski Musical Arts Fund
835 Mix Avenue
Apartment T1
Hamden, CT 06514

Applications and Information: Mary & Frank Tokarski Musical Arts Fund
Questions, clarifications and requests for applications should be sent to Mary Tokarski at: mary.tokarski@comcast.net.
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