XXXII International Moscow Festival “Bayan and Bayanists”
32. Internationales Festival „Bajan und Bajanisten“ in Moskau

VII International Bayanists and Accordionists Competition

December 13th to 20th, 2020, Moscow, Russia
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VII International Competition of Bayan and Accordion Players
13 to 20 December 2020, Moscow, Russia.

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General conditions

VII International Competition of bayan and accordion players is to be held in Moscow from 13 up to 20 December 2020.
It will be open to musicians aged not below 18 and not over 32 at the time of the Competition.

Condition of the competition

The Competition will be held in three rounds - two preliminary and the final. All three rounds are open to the public. The order of performances will be decided by drawing lots and kept to the end of the Competition.

The contestant is free to play on the bayan or accordion of any type, size, model except those equipped with electronics or amplifiers.

Participants of competition give copies of the unpublished musical material of the first and second rounds in duplicate at registration.

The Organizing Committee of the International Competition of bayan and accordion players will furnish them with the music for pieces to be performed in the third round. The music will be sent to the contestant after receiving from him the application for participation. Not more than 50% of the contestants are admitted to the second round.

Not more than 6 performers will be selected for the final round according to the largest quantity of marks as a result of the previous rounds.

In case of equal marks the winner will be chosen from the contestant that played all rounds of the Competition in memory. All those not admitted to the third round will be awarded with a certificate of honor.

The Organizing Committee of the International Competition of bayan and accordion players awards 3 prizes and 3 diplomas:

Academic music:

1-st prize - 200 000
2-st prize - 150 000
3-st prize - 100 000
- Three special diplomas for 30 000

Variety music:

1-st prize - 80 000
2-st prize - 50 000
3-st prize - 30 000

The Jury has the right:

a) not to award one or more prizes and diplomas,
b) to divide prizes and diplomas between candidates.
  c) to award special prizes.

All winners are obliged to participate free of charge in the concerts immediately following the Competition as part of their award (not more than two).
All contestants shall agree to have their performances recorded, filmed or broadcasted on radio or television anywhere in the worked. The Organizing Committee has the exclusive right to record all the rounds of the Competition on CD, audio and video cassettes.

Program (academic music)

1st Round (up to 25 minutes)

1. One of the following works on the choice of the competitor: J.S.Bach - Prelude and Fugue from "WTC" on the choice of the competitor from the following list:
- vol.1: cis moll, es moll, b moll
- vol.2: cis moll, e moll, F dur, Fis dur, g moll, As dur, a moll, H dur

D. Shostakovitch - Prelude and Fugue from the cycle "24 Preludes and Fugues"

1. Two pieces from Mussorgsky´s cycle "Pictures at an Exhibition" (competitors can include with two pieces “Promenade”)

1. Original work for the accordion
Duration of the program maximum 25 min.

2nd Round (up to 30 minutes)

Own choice program including a complete original cyclic work (with minimum 2 parts). Duration of the program maximum 30 min.

3rd Round

T.Sergeeva. Concert for accordion and orchestra
Scores will be sent after receiving entry form

Program (variety music)

1st Round
Own choice program maximum 10 min (jazz, folk, pop, rock, tango, etc.)

2nd Round
Own choice program maximum 15 min (jazz, folk, pop, rock, tango, etc.) It is impossible to repeat pieces from 1rd Round


Download this doc Microsoft Office file to print out the competition ENTRY FORM Applications deadline is October 25th, 2020.

Applications can be sent to the following address:
  Russia 109240, Moscow, P.O. box 39, for Gataullin A.A.
Phone/Fax: +7 495 7712838 +7 495 6915864
Contact E-mail:

Or can be sent to the following address E-mail:

The following documents must be enclosed with the entry form:
a) the copy passport (scan)
b) certificate of musical education (copy);
  c) a brief curriculum vitae with particulars of training, awards and diplomas (resume);
  d) two recent professional references of a music organization, a music school or two prominent musicians;
  e) one recent photographs with instrument
An entrance fee of 4 000   for foreign applicants is to be inserted to the Organizing Committee on arriving to the Competition.

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